Resubmit Formal Assessment


Successful completion of a module in the Certificate of Geography Competency is based on the successful completion of the formal assessment item. This requires a teacher to carefully follow the assessment guidelines and produce an assessable piece of work which be used in a Geography class. The assessment will be sent to the GTAV for formal marking. A certificate will be sent once the formal assessment is successfully completed.

If you are unsuccessful with the first submission you may choose to submit your formal assessment one more time. You will be provided with detailed feedback to help guide you to producing a successful formal assessment.


The assessor has provided you with feedback and comments about your work and how it can be improved to fulfill all the requirements for the formal assessment.

You are encouraged to carefully read through the comments, make amendments to your original work where required and resubmit it for further marking. This will ensure thorough understanding of the requirements and result in work that you can use with your Geography classes.

Please purchase the resubmission, completing the form details as required.


The assessment resubmission fee is $55 (including GST).

There is no member rebate on this fee.